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Re: FREE Spice/schematic capture

2/17/2000 3:30 AM
Randall Aiken
Re: FREE Spice/schematic capture
I think the first time you run the schematic the signals don't show up until you enable them in the graph.  
If you click on the upper graph, under the "graph" tab, you should see "transient" selected. Under the "signals" tab, you should see "Display this run" check box checked, and if you click on the word "output" in the "Signal Select" box, you should see the "Magnitude/Real" check box checked under the "Display" section to the right. Click on the word "input" and make sure it is selected for display as "magnitude/real". (By the way, input and output were two names I gave to the input and output nodes of the circuit by clicking on the input and output wires and assigning them new names (they default to node numbers) and enabling them for display.  
If you have them enabled as "magnitude real/dB", in the transient analysis, you'll get the "full-wave rectifed" looking wave you describe. You should use "magnitude/real" for the transient analysis to display the sine wave output, and "magnitude real/dB" for the AC analysis to display the frequency response in dB.  
There is a bug that requires you to move the mouse around a bit while the sim is running, or it just sits there. I think Kevin is working on this one now.  
Let me know if you still have trouble, and I'll walk you through the steps.  
Randall Aiken

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