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Re: FREE Spice/schematic capture

2/16/2000 6:19 AM
Randall Aiken
Re: FREE Spice/schematic capture
Okay, here is a single-stage ECC83 (12AX7) schematic/simulation run, with two embedded graphs showing both transient analysis (the top graph - 1kHz input and output sine waves) and AC analysis (the bottom graph - output magnitude in dB and phase in degrees).  
Learning to use the simulator is a bit tricky. There are two ways to get a waveform on the graph. You can either put a waveform symbol on the schematic, or, as I prefer to do, use the <CTRL> <left mouse click> and <SHIFT> <left mouse click> while positioning your cursor over the wire, to add or delete traces of the waveform you want to see.  
Double-click on the graph and select the appropriate tab for graph type, and to globally clear all signals, set colors, enable magnitudes and phase, etc.  
This is an extremely powerful program, and will take some time to learn. There are still quite a few bugs in it, and very little in the way of a help file. However, Kevin Aylward is very responsive to bug reports and constructive criticism. If we all work together with him on this, we'll have one hell of a fine schematic/simulation package for dirt cheap. Please help support this effort! This is exactly what everyone has been asking for!  
By way of comparison, the PSpice program I use now cost me over a thousand dollars, and I don't have the digital simulation or the parametric simulation, etc. To get that will cost me another $3000, plus a yearly"maintenance" fee of around $500. This program is a *steal* for $50 when finished, and the free beta version is worth every penny!  
Randall Aiken  

Scott Swartz Randall,Thanks for ... -- 2/16/2000 10:31 PM