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Re: Going HI-FI / parallel plate resistors?

2/14/2000 3:41 PM
Re: Going HI-FI / parallel plate resistors?
I built a small 1/12 combo that had a tone control and a volume knob for a friend who works at Glyff Tech (they build screaming hard drives for pro tools rigs and get to have fun with amps and recording!!!!)  
I initially went with a 12AX7 (single 6V6) then he buddy wanted one and I tried the 6SL7 (exact same circuit) and although there was slightly less gain (when the amp was dimed) the tone had an amazing "bell" like quality on the top end and the tone was "wider" and even "thicker."  
I've been building a couple amps for close friends (gain stlye amps using 3=preamp tubes) and I've been using the 6SL7 for the PI tube. WOW!! It sounds amazing and it's hard to put into words the differences. I've build gain-style amps using all 6SL7's and there's a definate tonal difference that is there, all for the better. It's a same there's not a big enough supply to justify marketing an amp with those tubes. I'm also told they are not all that rugged when it comes to road abuse but I haven't realyl road tested any of these. These have all been studio amps.  
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