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Re: More on CTS 30% Pots: Go For It

2/10/2000 8:35 PM
Re: More on CTS 30% Pots: Go For It
Well, I'm definitely with Doc on this, but maybe more eccentric, OK you knew that ;-)  
Those sealed ABs still sound better after 30 years than anything else I have tried. Since I'm usually scrapping old instruments, I also like the Centralab & Clarostat instrument grade ones when I can find a usable value too, but still . . .  
Had a pretty good circuit with a 1Meg preamp pot, it was still fairly low-gain and most of my final testing is at full volume so after it wasn't being turned down for a while just for grins I replaced it with a 1M fixed resistor (probably needed the antique pot for something else), and it better yet and this was just end-to-end comparison without the wiper being on the carbon track! Two full steps above the Alpha, where the instrument pot was just one step better.  
Anyway, from what I can tell, the universal long-shaft Alphas at Radio Shack are basically the same as the Alphas from New Sensor.  
This sounds like a good idea for coop buying, sealed AB 2Watters or clones to spec, I wonder if there is enough demand for 1Megs?  

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