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Re: Bedrock Royale Reverb Amplifier - Any Great?

2/10/2000 5:26 AM
Re: Bedrock Royale Reverb Amplifier - Any Great?
Got two of them in town. One a production model I believe and one an earlier prototype. They love them completly. From what I've heard--just a little playing time with it. It's a great sound amp from their accounts, and I trust there opinion. ACtually the proto model my friend bought was from a guy really big in LA in the late 80's for modding Marshalls--he loved the amp but the back wouldn't let him carry it around anymore.  
I got most of it schemed out--if you get it I'd be interested in sharing what I got if you can fill in the rest. Anybody else got a schem? Been thinking of building one--bought a couple of chassis from Hoffman--got some of the surplus trannies for the royal reverb on hand. Been kinda floundering on it since I haven't been able to figure out the driver section.  
I actually think I lost the schem when my hardrive crashed. Have to redraw it up from my notes.  

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