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Re: Won't 4k ohm OT in Lightning eat EL84s?

2/7/2000 4:13 PM
Re: Won't 4k ohm OT in Lightning eat EL84s?
Sounds like we're doing the same thing. :-) My goal is always first and foremost to make a musical instrument. Everything else is secondary. I think the best case of "???" tweaking for me was having Trace Allen by the lab to show off that parallel PI cap tweak. It's the sort of thing I would never have even tried on my own.. after all the change in net uF is tiny, people are not "supposed" to hear things like small phase changes etc etc. Yet when we hooked up some cap sub boxes and tweaked in and out.. there it was. Why it works is someone else's problem. :-) It just does.  
>>..After that I do enough math to know I'm not going to roast any parts and tweak from there. <<  
that's the ticket right there!