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Re: SMALL Polypropelene Caps

1/25/2000 3:28 PM
Randall Aiken
Re: SMALL Polypropelene Caps
No, the Mallory 150's are metallized polyester (the cheapest of the film types). The characteristics of a polypropylene film/foil type are far superior to metallized polyester, in terms of dissipation factor, dielectric absorption, temperature coefficient, etc. Polyesters have the worst of all of these characteristics compared to other film type caps. Whether or not this affects the tone is a subjective thing, but the cap quality in terms of DF, DA, and temperature drift are real, measurable quantities. Polypropylene film/foil is just a better quality capacitor.  
Randall Aiken

jeff thanks for sharing your considerabl... -- 1/25/2000 6:05 PM