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Re: Xicon Polypropelene Caps

1/24/2000 10:17 PM
Steve A.
Re: Xicon Polypropelene Caps
So... what's the penalty for heresy these days?  
    Was that Monty Python's "Meaning of Life" that had the scene with the butler's wife in front of the firing squad? (She had ignored the warnings about there being a substantial penalty for early withdrawl from her bank account...)  
    The penalty for heresy used to be getting burned at the stake, but these days I guess a misdirected flame will have to suffice... 8--)  
    Like Bryan mentioned, you may not hear much of a difference at all in a high gain circuit, especially with a guitar that uses humbuckers. But with a single coil strat going into a clean and/or bright preamp, the difference can be more noticeable... at least to my ears. On one hand it may be "voodoo" nonsense, but then again it might be something that only certain guitarists would notice (depending on their playing style and technique).  
Steve Ahola

Reid Kneeland q{The penalty for heresy used to be... -- 1/24/2000 10:54 PM
rok I agree, when I get to "tweaking" a... -- 1/27/2000 1:32 PM