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Re: SMALL Polypropelene Caps

1/24/2000 10:00 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: SMALL Polypropelene Caps
"Were these polypropylene film/foil, or metallized polypropylene? The metallized polypropylene are much cheaper caps with higher dissipation factors. Usually, the only caps that get as low as 0.1% dissipation factor are the polypropylene films.  
The same goes for metallized polyester - they are cheaper caps with higher dissipation factors than polyester film, but neither is as good a capacitor as polypropylene film.  
Randall Aiken  
The 630V variety that I believe most pf us are referring to are metallized polypropylene caps. They do have a dissipation factor of 0.1% max @ 1kHz, 25 degrees celcius according to the Mouser catalog.  
Yes, they are cheaper in price and looking at the thing, one has to guess they HAVE to cost less than the oversized orange drops. Makes you wonder about Dumbles and their use of film caps exclusively, yet, they have the ability to reach steep prices. :)  
PS: Would the fact that the metal caps are non-inductive be a contributor to the perceived reduced "bass depth" in comparison to the popypropylene orange drops?  

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