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Williamson vs Mullard

1/20/2000 10:46 PM
Mike D.
Williamson vs Mullard
I agree, the Williamson design is a masterpiece.  
However, my personal experience building this circuit was not so good. My implementation suffered from instability both HF and LF. I changed to more of a "Mullard" style front end, actually see the Leak Stereo 20 at  
Anyway, this was much more stable and also sounded better for some reason. Williamson's design is fussy about the output transformer and I was using a scavenged tube PA amp transformer. Also, I believe my layout was not so good with the Williamson, whereas the Leak circuit is remarkably similar to the standard Fender/Marshall/Vox and the layout was a breeze, due to familiarity!  
To sum up, do not try building a Williamson out of junkbox parts with a half-assed layout! I think the Mullard designs were so very popular with hobbyists because they were more forgiving, even though the THD figure of a proper Williamson is superior.  
Regarding the concertina splitter (split-load, cathodyne, whatever). My Dynaco and Eico power amps use a concertina directly driving the output tubes and I think both amps sound fantastic.  
It is interesting that the most highly regarded hi-fi designs of all time use different phase splitters.  
Williamson - Concertina (Dynaco also)  
Quad - paraphase  
Mullard - long-tail  
Mike D  

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