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Re: Dan Torres: Hackmeister or fellow AMPAGER-at-heart?

1/18/2000 4:57 PM
Re: Dan Torres: Hackmeister or fellow AMPAGER-at-heart?
Steve, even though I just now started reading and replying to this Forum, I feel I must come out in defense of Dan Torres. I use JCM800 combos, not a particularly rare or sought after amp, and his book and writings have helped me immensely. The first "mod", if you can call it that, which I tried out was from his Bias writings. I have brought my amps to Marshall service centers in the past, but this last time, I built a bias probe and used his recommended bias settings. Guess what?-my amp sounded wonderful. Not too hot, not too cold, just right, and he is one of the few that addresses the massive variations in plate voltages which can occur in the same model of amp. One of mine is 385V, one is 485V and they are the same model. Next, I threw in a cathode bias switching network to allow me to go from fixed to cathode bias and select my bypass cap with a 3-way. Now, at the lower volumes that the club owners want us to play at, my amp sounds thick and full, where previously I had to run it up to 4 or 5, which is much too loud if you want to get paid. I tried the dual ganged master, but didn't like it as much as the stock, so I changed it back. I also threw in his parallel effects loop from his book, and with minor tweaking of parts, it seems pretty much transparent; Much better sounding than any Marshall loop I've tried.  
I guess what I'm saying is that his stuff works for me, but I wouldn't do it to an old Marshall or Fender. However, I am going to see if I can turn my little Peavey Classic 20 into a real amp; it already sounds better than the 30 or 50 versions, and I figure with a little work, I may be able to improve it a tad...  
Oh, one more thing; when I have called him for advice, he has always had the time to talk to me, and never tried to sell me anything. Very courteous.

Melanhead Hmmm...I agree / disagree. I also h... -- 1/18/2000 8:26 PM