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Re: Weird question!PP with single valve?

1/11/2000 10:29 PM
Re: Weird question!PP with single valve?
Well, if you only need a little power, say to power headphones, you can set up a dual triode (eg 12ax7) in push pull. I believe this is what on-board Fender reverbs do before the reverb drive transformer (no schems on hand to confirm this). A reverb transformer would make a fairly good OT for this application, and quite a few are 8 ohm rated.  
You might have seen the Gerlitz amp in GP a while back that uses a similar scheme with industrial grade 12AU7's to simulate powerstages for Marshall and Fenderish preamp stages in front of a solidstate power amp. Their verdict was that this didn't offer the same sort of output stage coloration as an EL-34 or 6L6, not surprisingly.  
I realize it's not quite what you were asking for, but maybe of some use.  

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