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Re: crate vc5112 schematic

1/10/2000 7:57 PM
Rob W.
Re: crate vc5112 schematic
The design of the Vintage Club (i am assuming that this is the fixed bias version) does not allow for the bias voltage to be varied. You would have to derive bias voltage in a different manner in order to vary it. i.e. create a new bias circuit off of the B+...  
I worked on one of these for a friend about a month ago, and i was desperately trying to get the bias adjusted differently, but to no luck. Fianally fellow ampagers set me straight as to how this circuit functions.  
Unless you want to spend a lot of time messing around with things... I would leave the baby stock and get a fan and blow it into the back of this baby... (the power tubes are being run at about 110%-115% of their rating, i think that my friends ran the EL84's at 375V on the plate, and about 38mA per tube...This cooks them pretty well...(Inspiration to keep this baby stocked with fresh power tubes..))  
*end of rant*  
Have Fun!  
Rob W.  
Ps.. I think i still have the posts around from my discussion about this amp... Lemme know by email if you would like me to look for them...

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