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previous: Dan Ramage I had/have a Sundown 50 watt amp. S... -- 1/3/2000 11:50 AM View Thread

Re: Sundown amp? What is it?

1/3/2000 2:41 PM
steve m
Re: Sundown amp? What is it?
Hi Dan,  
I have an Artist 50 that I really like, I'd be curious to know what specifically you didn't like about it.  
I've talked to Dennis in the past, and he indicated the due to some pressure from his distributor, he had to "tone down" the circuit. There were some transitional models that weren't that great, the A-66, A-36, and the Formula IIRC. Is it possible that yours one one of these models? I owned a Formula which sounded really horrible, I returned it to where I bought it the next day. There were also a couple of models that were intended to be a Marshall killer, the Rebel 50 and Rebel 100. These sound pretty good, only have one channel, and no reverb. Was it one of these?  

Dan Ramage Hey Steve,The distortion wa... -- 1/3/2000 2:54 PM