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Re: Sundown amp? What is it?

1/3/2000 2:33 PM
steve m
Re: Sundown amp? What is it?
Of course you're right, there were at least two 100 watt models with 6L6s, the Artist 66 and the Artist 100 which were succesors to the original 2x 6550 100 Artist, IIRC. For some reason I thought Oeland said his Artist had two 6L6s. I guess that's what I get for assuming :) I've run across a couple of people that had 2x 6550 Artists and thought they had 50 watt amps because there were only two power tubes.  
Cool book BTW, I need to pick up a copy.  

bill q{Of course you're right, there wer... -- 1/3/2000 4:40 PM