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Re: heater wires - dumb Q

12/29/1999 6:50 AM
Gil Ayan
Re: heater wires - dumb Q
Well, the placement of that gorund is not bad by : good standards." That gorund point should be close to the power supply ground, and indeed it is. The preamp signal gorunds should be away from it, and in a Fender that's hit and miss because the have that brass plate deal.  
Randall Aiken's page has something on grounding which you may find interesting. His link is  
I believe that he says, in so many words, what I have heard from several people before: ground follows the signal. So, the power supply grounds are all at one end of the chassis, the PI ground is grounded close to the FX-loop interrupt jacks, and the preamp stages are gorunded close to the input jack.