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deluxe reverb reissue problems

12/27/1999 6:27 PM
Rob P
deluxe reverb reissue problems
my three year old daughter turned on my dr reissue when I wasn't around. It was on for close to a week! I noticed it when I smelled something electrical. The amp still works but boy does it make alot of noise! Both channels hiss something awful!  
Forgive the ignorance, but you guys seem to know what you're talking about, so I'll ask: have i destroyed the tubes? if so, which ones? all of them? could it be something else? if it's the tubes, can i change them myself? maybe i should change them one by one, but which to start with?  
If she weren't so damn cute i'd have traded her for a new amp! Thanks for any help and sorry about the lack of 1) technical knowledge and 2) a cooler amp.  

Gil Ayan Rob, while it is possible that you ... -- 12/28/1999 7:03 PM