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Another Computer Idiot Needs Help

12/27/1999 6:29 AM
Bob Isaacson
Another Computer Idiot Needs Help
I was trying to use the Tone Stack Calculator program found on Duncan's Amp Pages and followed the instructions on the screen concerning downloading the program. As far as I know, this went along fine, since it took a few minutes to load. My question is after the program is loaded, how do I access it? I figured that it was loaded into my C drive, but can"t find anything, or at least don't know where to look for it. There is something mentioned about a tsc120.exe file (whatever that is). Any help would be appreciated.  
Bob--The computer idiot,s idiot.

A.S The exe-file should start the progr... -- 12/27/1999 8:43 AM
Steve A. Bob:  &nb... -- 12/27/1999 1:05 PM