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volume pedals

12/18/1999 10:26 AM
Kursad Kurt
volume pedals
Somewhere above the thread, this is what Doc had suggested:  
"Are you saying that, at a particular amplifier volume control setting, that your guitar sounds fuller, clearer, with the guitar's volume pots full open, but that you lose treble clarity as you roll back the guitar's volume controls?If this is the case, a 47pf treble bleed capacitor across each of the volume controls may restore some of the clarity. "-Doc  
Maybe these passive volume pedals have something like that. The idea makes sense because a guitar cable is like a capacitor: an insulator between two conductors. This is what a capacitor is. Therefore, a volume pot is an unwanted tone control if it is without the "bleed" cap above. But guitar companies ship guitars without these caps, probably not having a bleed cap is a better thing for some reason too.  

J. Crow I've tried this mod, putting a treb... -- 12/18/1999 3:55 PM