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Re: How about Class A (or pseudo Class A)?

12/16/1999 12:47 PM
Re: How about Class A (or pseudo Class A)?
I'd like to suggest the use of differnt rectifier tube also.  
This has a changing affect on the B+ and thusly affecting the cathode current draw  
The 4 x 6V6 amp I built has a power tranny with a dual B+ taps. I installed a switch to select power state. This works well because the power tubes are cathode biased.  
I generally use ether a 5AR4, 5V4, or a 5AS4. So combimning the differnt the rectifiers with the the dual b+ taps I can get a B+ of 320V to 405V.  
I've settled on a 200ohm/10watt resistor and a 10uf/50volt  
cap per pair of power tube ( each side of the push-pull)  
because It's the best sounding to my ears.  
Some time durring the next week or so I'll post all the numbers.