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Re: Bass amp question for all you players out there

12/15/1999 11:36 PM
Re: Bass amp question for all you players out there
Psycho: Well I've owned both SWR and Eden (had a Redhead, Eden WT800 head, and a SWR Goliath 2 4-10"). Right now I play with a Sunn Model T with KT90's and an Eden 2-10XLT cab. It depends on what you're after in bass tone. If you're after the R&B or Jazz "HiFi" sound, then both Eden and SWR deliver the goods (Eden maybe delivers a little better). I'm with you Psycho on the "Redhead". I owned one and am sorry I parted with it, it's really a good sounding versatile piece of gear. Now, since most of what I do is "rock oriented", I love the Sunn head. It gets gritty and can stay perfectly clean (Eden will not get gritty to save it's life!). Now, I am totally sold on Eden cabs!! My 2-10XLT has nearly as much punch and low-end as the Goliath 4-10 that I once had. I would love to have another Eden 2-10 and that would be it! It doesn't move near the air of an SVT cab, but it's so portable!  
Hope this helps some,