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Re: Father forgive me for I have sinned(long post)

12/8/1999 5:14 PM
Don Symes
Re: Father forgive me for I have sinned(long post)
Based on an article floating around someone's site around here somewhere, to REALLY nail it a modeling amp is gona need at least one tube stage in the input, one in the FX  
return, and some kind of output tubage.  
The article compared tube vs SS mic preamps adn found that tubs just flat do it better, at least as the first stage.  
Hey! See if you like this architecture.  
FX->12xx7->ADC->DSP->DAC->12xx7 PI->12-22W Power stage->BigAss-MOSFET/IGBT power stage.  
High voltage tubes at full blast driving high-input-votltage huge-wattage SS power amp. Best of all worlds - relatively light, relatively portable, ultimately tuneable.