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Re: Tubes revisited

12/5/1999 6:45 PM
Re: Tubes revisited
IMO they are with out doubt, the best sounding Chinese preamp tube I ever heard and have nearly nothing in common with the other select Chinese tubes most folks are use to hearing.  
All the internal parts and plates are silver-nickel plated and it's obvious there is something way different looking when compared to other 12AX7 tubes.  
At one time they were called Silver Special 7025STRs.  
They will blow every non-NOS modern made 12AX7 right in the weeds and the failure ratio is EXTREMELY low.  
I've compared them to every SOVTEK, EI, Tesla etc etc...  
They're always slightly better then the other's best sounding 12AX7 ... the 12AX7LPS is excellent but now I hear even those are having reliability problems.  
Out of the hundreds 7025STR tubes I've used, I've seen 6 bad ones!  
They were so good, that when I had a chance, I bought the last 150 tubes Magic Parts (RUBY) had in stock so I'd always have some for my amp line.  
Of course I don't have that many anymore.... :>)  
Before they were defunct, I used them inplace of every 12AX7 NOS tube I could and was going through them at an alarming rate thinking I'll just keep buying more. Oops.  
At wholesale, they were pretty cheap ($6.00 to $8.00), depending on quantity and how hard RUBY was pushing them in sales gimmicks.  
Now I see guys who have hoarded them trying to get NOS prices for them.  
They aren't worth $25.00 to $30.00 though.  
Magic Parts (RUBY) has been trying to get the 7025STR back into production for a couple years now and everytime I talk to them, I'm told there is a slight delay and it will be a month or so before they are released.  
That's the standard blow off statement and it's been that way for over a year now.  
I don't knwo when or if they ever will be re-released.