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Re: Tubes revisited

12/4/1999 3:49 PM
Psycho Bass Guy
Re: Tubes revisited
My Traynor is a regular YB-1A, but Traynors are pretty similar to each other. The 6CA7 was one the secrets to the old 'Marshall Sound' and EVH's brown tone back in the early 80's. When GE stopped making them, a lot of people just plugged in EL34's and didn't stop to think that the sound would be different. The bass response of a 6CA7 isn't actually that much more than a regular EL34, but the 6CA7 has more headroom and doesn't lose it to breakup. 6550's stay cleaner longer, but don't have the same midrange snarl that goes with the 6CA7's.  
Psycho (the only really real one) >^}