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Good Karma

11/18/1999 8:46 PM
Good Karma
Something happened to me today that doesn't happen very often.  
One of the guys I work with revamps old computers and donates them to needy/handicapped children. Since I just got a new wizz-bang Dell, I gave him my old Pentium/monitor/printer/etc. He was very appreciative since most of the computers he gets very obsolete. Anyway, we were talking and I mentioned that I play guitar and like to tinker with old tube guitar amps. He said that he had an old tube amp in his shed that I could have, but it needed a lot of work. Today he brought it in…I was fully expecting an old silvertone or almo. Nope, it is a '64 Vibroverb in need of lots of work. I told him I couldn't accept it because that amp is worth lots more than the computer I gave him. Besides, I did not want or expect anything in return for the computer. He simply said " I knew that…but you underestimate the joy a computer can give to a needy child." I tried to offer $, but he absolutely refused. He then carried the amp to my truck and told me to enjoy it.  
In any case, it is a real project. The bottom was cut off to make a head out of it. The only good part is the chassis and faceplate are in decent shape. There is some rust on the xformers and a couple of the knobs are missing. I have restored amps in the past, but this may be real challenge. I can't wait to open he up to see what is in there. Just wanted to share my good karma with folks that would understand.  
Bob Cassen  

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