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Re: Circuits for 6FQ7's

11/18/1999 2:20 PM
Re: Circuits for 6FQ7's
Ampegs used the 6CG7 tube for the reverb tank driver.  
This tube has a low mu, less than 20. I look at it as a sort of extra heavy duty 12AU7. So any preamp stage design you find employing a 12AU7 can use the 6CG7, but the larger tube will last much longer. Any old Ampeg circuit that employed 6SN7s could be duplicated using 6CG7. It's a low gain, high current tube, but extremely linear as an audio amplifier. So they excel as drivers, buffers, phase inverters, and low gain high accuracy amplifier circuits. Look at the plate curves for a 6SN7 to get an idea what I mean. The curves are evenly spaced, and almost perfect.