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previous: Dan Harris Help! power supply prob. w/ home made preamp! -- 11/13/1999 5:19 PM View Thread

Re: Help! power supply prob. More info...

11/13/1999 5:54 PM
Dan Harris
Re: Help! power supply prob. More info...
Well, I discovered that my AC line is fluctuating from roughly 118vac to 121vac at the exact time that my little preamp is freaking out! I find that my conrad-johnson power amp can take it no prob., but my preamp picks up the subtle shift in supply AC, and does the thing I describe above... Funny- I can unplug the preamp and run it off its' filter caps for less than a minute, and it does fine as it doesnt see the glitch! Any suggestions on better protecting it from subtle shifts in AC?

Geoff Van Brunt Thats really strange! I don't think... -- 11/13/1999 6:26 PM