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Re: Electro-Voice 12L

11/6/1999 8:50 PM
Re: Electro-Voice 12L
My main guitar amp right now is a TITANO (no model# or anything) basically a stereo accordian amp with a QUARTET of 7591As. The amp is a combo but the speaker cab portion is sealed. It has a 12" and an 8" speaker. After auditioning just about every speaker in my shop (Jensen P12R, Vintage30, G12M70, Fender CTS and Eminence speakers) I decided on the EVM12L 200w. It adds a little bit more to the weight of the amp than I want, but it really fills the bill for the sound I'm going for. It goes to show that beauty is in the ear of the beholder.  
BTW the 8" is that little speaker out of my VOX pathfinder RI. Didn't sound too great in the VOX but it sre kicks ass with a 20-25W tube amp in a sealed box!  
PS anybody looking to unload some EVs? I love 'em.