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Re: Resistor types - Does it REALLY matter?

11/6/1999 12:45 AM
Re: Resistor types - Does it REALLY matter?
Carbons can be noisey and "hiss" as RG pointed out. I like metal films for plate resistors. It seems keep the hiss out. Vintage amps can benifit from this as well.  
I really don't hear a difference between the two. Again I use metal film because they are quiter and are within 2% tolerance. It's six of this and half a dozen of that! (ha, ha)  
I agree with the solid verses the braided wire. I've noticed this and it also depends on where it is in the circuit as to how much difference it makes. I suppose the hi-fi guys have a point here to some degree.  

Fred G. Well, here' my $.02 worth,... -- 11/6/1999 5:47 AM