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Re: Resistor types - Does it REALLY matter?

11/5/1999 11:15 PM
Re: Resistor types - Does it REALLY matter?
Here's a quick observation--not very scientific, but works for me. My latest clone was entiriely built with Xicon carbon comp resistors. It was pretty quiet and sounded pretty good. There was that normal background hiss/buzz whatever associated with most amps. Not annoying, just there.  
I completely rebuilt it with 1/2w Metal film and 1w carbon film. I used carbon film in all of the signal path positions. I did change the layout out a bit, but I have noticed the noise floor is almost nothing now. I don't contribute this to the layout changes.  
Tonally, minusing the couple of value changes I made I would say it sounds the same but with less background noise.  
My buddy got a Bedrock amp that is nothing but Metal Film and Oxide--sounds warm and fabulous.  
Damn it Jim, I did switch from solid to stranded wire when I rebuilt it.  

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