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Re: East Coast Amp Shootout: Results (very, very long)

11/4/1999 2:43 PM
Re: East Coast Amp Shootout: Results (very, very long)
Thanks to Mook for organizing and presenting all the reviews  
Thanks to the reviewers who took the time & travel (at their own expense) to participate in the shootout. I know of one individual who traveled across the country to participate.  
Thanks to the amp manufactuers who provided equipment as a means for getting their creative efforts out in full view of the public. I congratulate them for taking that risk.  
Based on the comments I have seen here, it may be that these venues are one of the best ways for new manufacturers (and established manufacturers)to get new products assessed by the players themselves. I hope to see more of this in the future.

Mook Based on this experience, I'd say t... -- 11/4/1999 3:07 PM