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Re: WEST Coast Amp Shootout: Results (more info)

11/4/1999 1:44 AM
Charlie Hitchcock
Re: WEST Coast Amp Shootout: Results (more info)
hey! I just thought id ad to the reviews a bit w/ my own little comments on my amps. I also own a two rock 50w head, and have had it for a couple weeks. the other amp that is in the same ballpark w/ it is my electroplex 90watt 1X15. Both these amps are the best I have ever played trough for this kind of sound. the two rock is more organic and the electroplex a little more sterile sounding, but not at all in a bad way. for clean sounds, the electroplex is the hands down winner IMO. it has more headroom and a crisper snappier sound. I play jazz, and this is the amp I would take to for those gigs. the two rock has much more sag to the feel of it, which some players might like better. for lead sounds its kind of a tough call. both are really cool and different. the two rock gets a better gainy sound w/ lots of note distinction. whereas i use the electroplex slightly cleaner, and push the front end w/ a klon pedal. the two rock seems to react differnt to the klon, but im still messin w/ it. one thing about the two rock is the effects loop is great, where on the electroplex the effects loop sucks, and there are one seperate loop for each channel so you cant use one box for both sounds (can be good or bad). The two rock seems to favor humbuckers, whereas the electroplex sounds great w/ both. I haven't been able to do side by side comparisons, so I can't give you an all out best amp right now. But the two rock is way way overpriced, and im not going to get into parts/construction now. I also used to own an Allen 1X15, and while david is a great guy w/ the best service, i have to say i was not at all impressed w/ that amp and sold it. good low volume clean sound, but thats about it. forget about turning that one up IMO. Another thought on the two rock, it is very touch sensitive and i find myself playing w/ the lightest touch possible at times and getting some cool results that i can't with other amps. I bet if i played this amp long enough my playing style would change. Also this amp has tons of bass, and im still working on finding a speaker that compliments the amp well. so this review might be a little premature. The two rock is point to point wired while the electroplex is hand wired circut board, but what does that mean, so are the 15K dumbles. to be fair i wired my electroplex using pure silver wire and allesandro wire, plus changed all the coupling caps to jensen copper foil and put in audiophile resistors. the stock unit sounds killer though. hope this review helps someone and itsn't too confusing. I think what it comes down to is you need to play an amp yourself, b/c thats the only whay your going to know. its all apples and oranges. Back to practicing for me  

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