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Re: What's the deal with Dumble amps?

10/25/1999 5:44 AM
Gil Ayan
Re: What's the deal with Dumble amps?
"So let me get this straight, most of the people writing on this topic don't really know what Dumbles sound like, they just know which guitarists they like who supposedly use them?"
Not quite. The one amp no one seems to have heard is the Steel String Singer; plenty of us have played through Overdrive Speaials out here.  
"And Ford still uses a Dumble, but SRV (if I remember his rig correctly) went back to Marshalls before he died, Carlton has dropped the Dumble, and Johnson has returned to just Fender Deluxe Reverbs and Marshall plexis?  
Dunno about SRV, in as much as he was a great guitarist, I was never much of a fan of his. Robbern Ford still uses the Dumble, as does Larry Calrton -- he has used a couple of Fenders with Fourplay, but his main amp is still the Overdrive Special (just saw him a acouple of months ago and he did have a black Dumble combo).  
Regarding Eric Johnson, his lead sound was never -- to my knowledge -- the Dumble. He used the Dumble for some crunch sounds, but an array of pedals through Plexi Marshalls have been his sound for a long time.  
" What exactly does this tell us?"
I am not sure what your point is/was, maybe you can restate what you were trying to say?  

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