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Ladies and Gents, buy tube tape decks

10/23/1999 6:01 AM
Mark HammerLadies and Gents, buy tube tape decks
I'm surprised that hunting garage sales for old tube Wollensak, Califone, Grundig, and Philips reel-to-reels, has not taken off with a passion (well, maybe the hernia that accompanies their purchase has something to do with it). Like Echoplexi, many of these have terrific mic pre-amps and both line and mic inputs. Thirty years ago I used to use one as a pre-amp (just like Ritchie Blackmore, although I didn't know it then) and it was *amazing*. I've never been able to nail the Disraeli Gears tone nearly as well as when I used that thing.

Carlo Thanks for the reminder Mark. I see... -- 10/23/1999 7:09 PM