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Help Design a new Fender Telecaster model!!!

10/22/1999 6:17 PM
Brad W. Traweek
Help Design a new Fender Telecaster model!!!
Greetings!! Please, please pardon the intrusion (and I realize this post is of very questionable relevance here). I'm posting here because I suspect there are a number of folks out there who would be interested in participating in this project and may not yet know about it, so I'm just attempting to "spread the word" a bit. I will go away after this post, I promise. ;-)  
The Fender Telecaster Discussion Page (FTDP) is busy designing the Cybercaster, a limited-edition Telecaster that will be built to visitors' specifications by the Fender Custom Shop. This presents a very rare, unique opportunity for you, the websurfing public, to come forward and have your input influence a real-life Fender model. If you haven't already joined in, head over to the FTDP  
Cybercaster Page at  
to learn more - and bring your design ideas with you!!  
Thanks, and again I apologize for the intrusion,  
Brad W. Traweek  
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Gus Brad this is a good site to send te... -- 10/22/1999 7:39 PM