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Re: New drawings uploaded!

10/15/1999 6:48 AM
Steve A.
Re: New drawings uploaded!
    You obviously have a great interest in electronics, so don't write yourself off just yet. The best advice I read about soldering was from a Craig Anderton book: plug in your soldering iron, get yourself a cup of coffee and by the time you are done with your break the iron should be sufficiently preheated. (I am really embarrassed when I run across my old solder joints from the 60's- dull grey blobs of lead with the flux having corroded away the surrounding metal... and I always wondered why that particular guitar cable went "snap, crackle, pop!")  
    Another bit of advice would be to start off with something smaller than an amp. R.G. has some great kits and plans on his site for assorted stomp boxes, and to simplify matters you can always "gut" a pedal that you really don't use anymore (save everything in a sealed box in case you decide to restore it later).  
    As for your 1 year old and 3 year old... play pens make great kennels! Despite what all of the "pop" psychologists say, kids don't have to explore every square inch of your dwelling to become well adjusted adults later in life. Take a nap on the floor next to the playpen when they are sleeping so you can be well rested for late night projects. But keep them far away from any soldering since lead can be very harmful to small children (adults have been working with lead for thousands of years and it really doesn't effect us that much... *twitch*, *twitch*, *twitch*)  
Steve Ahola

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