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Re: How about a quick primer on EF86's?

10/11/1999 5:49 AM
Steve A.
Re: How about a quick primer on EF86's?
    Do you have any tips for replacing the EF86 with a 12AX7? I was looking at an AC15 schematic earlier today and the EF86 uses a 220k plate resistor and a 2k2 cathode resistor bypassed with a 25uF cap; would you change those values? I assume that you would just discard the components soldered to pin #1 (G2): the 0.1uF cap to ground and the (x)Meg resistor to B+. And you would use the same value coupling cap (0.01uF) going to the Brilliance switch?  
Steve Ahola

Bob S. Steve:Yes you would... -- 10/11/1999 4:45 PM