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Re: How about a quick primer on EF86's?

10/9/1999 11:51 AM
Re: How about a quick primer on EF86's?
"involved with another obsolete or hard-to-get tube"
Carlo is correct--Svetlana is producing the EF-86  
"Does it use a 9 pin socket"
"Is a plate resistor of 330k and a cathode resistor of 2k2 typical for an EF86"
Check out the AC4, AC15 or is it the 10. Maybe both used A EF-86 and they didn't use a 330k/3.3M. 220K and 2.2M for one of them, I've seen other radically different values in Hi-Fi applications.  
As for the specs, I've pulled a data sheet from Duncan's site for the tube. Remember that Mullard book they were talking about a bit back, everything in there is EF-86 based designs.  
"So what other schematics have you been holding out on us???"
I bet a couple of these guys got pretty much everything covered. We just need to needle them till they give them up!!!  

Bob S. I have several AC-10's and have top... -- 10/10/1999 5:13 PM