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Re: speaker wire gauge 18awg or 16 awg

10/8/1999 4:24 PM
Dai Hirokawa
Re: speaker wire gauge 18awg or 16 awg
I don't know my ears are screwy or what, but I hear a diff between different wire gauges/lengths. I didn't think this was a big deal though. Longer, thinner wire has bit less highs and is spongier sounding(feeling, I guess I should say). Bigger, shorter wire has more bottom, bit more highs, and can also affect the lows as well. Maybe listening experiences are different depending on whether you are listening directly to the speakers or listening through a mic, preamp, studio-quality headphones/and or monitors, etc. signal chain(differences may perhaps be more apparent w/the latter setup). You might try getting(borrowing, making, whatever) speaker wire of different thicknesses and lengths(or maybe the extremes--one really thin, long wire and one really thick short) and taking a listen w/your ears and your setup(another suggest. is maybe getting the plugs w/screw terminals for easier switching between the wire you get ahold of, maybe?). I think this would be the surest way to know rather than through the written word. If nothing is different, than cheap and mechanically robust would probably be the way to go?  
Dai Hirokawa

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