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Re: Mystic Blue, Electroplex, K&M, Dumble Amps

10/7/1999 8:43 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: Mystic Blue, Electroplex, K&M, Dumble Amps
If you're interested in the Mystic Blues, you can go to the following link:  
and read about the Dumble/Mystic shootout.  
The guy who owns the Mystic Blues also happens to own an Electroplex Rocket 35. After I tried one at the 1998 NAMM and reported on it (I did write a review of a Dumble and talked about the Rocket there):  
Bill -- the Mystic owner -- ordered one, and he liked it a lot. He agrees that at lower volumes, the Rocket 30 (or is it 35?) nails the Carlton/Dumble/Strat w/EMGs sound.  
To me, that is really the most harmonically rich amp I have ever played... Turn it up loud and you start losing headroom real quick, a shame for some (myself included).  

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