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Homebrew web page...

10/7/1999 5:15 PM
nicHomebrew web page...
I would like to build a page dedicated to our homebrew projects. Guitars, amps, effects. Make overs as well as complete homebrew. I don't know how many sites are out there like this, but I want my own.  
Would any one like to donate submissions? Of course you will get credit and all that. I would also like you to describe why you built it and how much it cost, in money and time if possible.  
I will include my StewMac thinline Tele.  
Email pictures to me at  

Mook You can start with's at... -- 10/7/1999 5:40 PM
Whit nic, Thanks for of... -- 10/7/1999 6:06 PM
Nick Dolling You're more than welcome to include... -- 10/8/1999 12:06 AM
Lee Sounds good. One suggestion: use J... -- 10/8/1999 12:16 AM