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Re: speaker wire gauge 18awg or 16 awg

10/7/1999 6:30 AM
Lord Valve
Re: speaker wire gauge 18awg or 16 awg
Lord Valve Speaketh:  
Well, Stan...I know this isn't what you wanted to hear,  
but considering the amount of wire necessary to reach  
the speakers in a Twin Reverb, you could probably use  
two pieces of coathanger and not hear the difference.  
NO, 16 gauge will *not* have more bass and less highs.  
The output impedance of your amplifier is so low that  
you'd need to use a capacitor in the micro-farad range  
to have any audible effect on the high-frequency  
performance of the speakers...not to mention which,  
typical guitar speakers don't reproduce much of anything  
beyond 6 KHz or so. The capacitance of a small piece  
of 16- (or 18-) gauge speaker wire will be way down in  
the pF range, where it can't possibly make any difference.  
As for the difference between the two sizes, I use the  
Chicken Soup Principle..."it couldn't hoit!" 16-gauge  
wire will be more mechanically robust, and less likely  
to break or come unsoldered due to vibration. Hair-  
splitters may delight in pointing out that 16-gauge  
wire will have less resistance (than an equal length  
of 18-guage wire) and will therefor transfer a greater  
amount of power to the load. While this is true, the  
difference in power transfer between these two gauges  
in the length we're talking about (around a foot) would  
require some fairly sophisticated test equipment just  
to detect, and it's a lead-pipe cinch that no-one  
would be able to hear it. So sayeth the Lord.  
Lord Valve  
(sig lite)

stan you are a veritable fountain of kno... -- 10/7/1999 2:56 PM