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Re: "REVEREND" Billy Gibbons' amp...

10/6/1999 4:46 PM
Re: "REVEREND" Billy Gibbons' amp...
Some CDs put out by mail order music clubs are not the same CD you get in the retail music store. BMG for instance, is licensed to produce their own CDs. I used to belong, but eventually go fed up with the outlandish shipping and "handling" charges. I do remember purchasing that famous Dire Straits CD that won awards for sonic excellence through that club. There was a skipping problem at one particular point in the album, so I went to Tower Records and just bought a new one. (Brothers in Arms- everybody has to own one of these!) No skips in the new one, but I noticed that the recording quality was so much better overall than the BMG version. Some recordings in the retail stores are actually put out by BMG (look at the barcode box) as the only official source, but many are not.  
This is just another variable to throw into the equation.  
I noticed that the JH Electric Ladyland CD was inferior to the vinyl album I have. This includes the awesome bass on Voodoo Chile. The CD version exhibits breakup. The reverse of what should be true given the limitations of the two different recording processes. It's a shame that everyone can't take as much pride in their work as we do.