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Re: Darr's Amplifier Handbook at ebay

10/4/1999 9:14 PM
Steve M
Re: Darr's Amplifier Handbook at ebay
Sorry on that one, the RDH4 is the Radiotron Designer's handbook, 4th edition, considered by many to be *the* book on vacuum tube amplifiers. It's pretty dense, and has over 1400 pages. I got a copy through ILL and was going to photocopy it, but it would have cost me over $70 + the time to do it.  
The RDH4 (titled the Radio Designer's Handbook)is supposedly in print and used to be for sale on the Barnes and Noble website at about $20 off of the $66.00 cover price, but I just was there and couldn't find it :( It was just there last week, so I wonder if B&N is out of stock, or the book is out of print again?  
FWIW, the book is still listed in Books in Print: ISBN# Cloth Text ISBN 0-7506-3635-1 Available: JA Majors. 1552p.

Ted Matsumura OK, thanks for the explanation, www... -- 10/4/1999 11:24 PM