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Re: the other Dumbles?

9/30/1999 10:00 AM
PeterHRe: the other Dumbles?
A very knowledgeable chap sent me an email a few months ago when I was trying to track down a schematic (pre schematics appearing on Steves site). Most of what he stated has now appeared or been clarified on the BB's but his description of the SSS was pretty interesting.  
This is what he wrote...I hope he doesn't mind me repeating it:  
There is supposed to be a very old (70ties) Dumble overdrive schematic available on the net. From what I have heard from some people that know a lot about the newer Overdrive models, the newer ones differ considerably in the circuit compared to the older ones and they also have pre-amp boost and stuff and that no one is 100% alike. The older ones used Fender transformers, and the newer ones have expensive custom transformer jobs. (This BB noted them as Magic Parts for the OD but maybe the SSS uses custom parts). I have tried many different Overdrive models (also a Steelstring S amp for  
that matter, ) The newer OD amps have a more clear and defined sound, the older ones sound good but are very reminiscent of early MK11Boogies ( but without the mid hump and with a slightly sweeter character) .  
The Singer was one loud Many people think that they have a overdrive section built in but that is not  
the case, it only had a pre amp boost that did not do much actually (just enhanced the signal a bit), and a great sounding FAT reverb that was something else!!  
Overall the sound was very very clean and warm,  
very much like playing through 2 x 135w Twin reverbs with JBL´s connected at the same time but with a more refined bass responce and a sweeter character and not the least bit harsh.  
Well thats what the man wrote.