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Amp Documents - Dumble

9/15/1999 5:33 PM
Gil Ayan
Amp Documents - Dumble
I finally got around to scanning all the paperwork I got from Mr Dumble a few years agp. It includes the Overdrive Special amplifier data sheet, order form, secrecy agreement, etc. I did "wide out" addresses and telephone numbers (both mine and Dumble's); it's not that I want to sound mysterious or that you couldn't get these somewhere else. I just think it would be unpolite to post someone else's personal information in a public place -- I certainly wouldn't appreciate it if it was done to me.  
I have put the scans, temporarily, at:  
So you can go fetch them there; eventually I will move them out to my permanent web page. As the copyright holder of the sacnned files, all of you have my permission to do with them as you please as long as:  
1. You do not profit (financially) from them in any way  
2. You do not alter them in any way  
Hopefully some of you will be interested in the information presented.  

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