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Speaker Question

9/13/1999 8:03 PM
Psycho Bass Guy
Speaker Question
I've got an 8ohm 18" speaker which bit the dust recently. It appears to be Eminence, but there is no name on it anywhere. The model # is 18ST200 which I take to mean an 18" speaker with a 200 watt power handling capability. Anyway, the coil in it is shorted, but the cone is physically fine. Is it worth a rebuild? BTW one of the leads from the terminal to the cone is frayed (the + one). What could have done this? I have never seen a speaker blow like this without tearing the cone. Is there anyway to beef the power handling up above 200 watts? (that seems awful low for an 18" and this speaker's physical construction looks much sturdier than just 200 watts. The magnet I would guess and say weighs over ten pounds. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

SpeedRacer easy to blow the coil if it got DC ... -- 9/13/1999 9:07 PM