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Re: Dumble, Groove Tuves and Steve Ahola

9/10/1999 7:55 PM
Gil Ayan
Re: Dumble, Groove Tuves and Steve Ahola
That GT thing is curious.. but as you state they must have liked it.  
Very interesting thread btw.. I may have to build a Dumbleclone.. (I have, for the record, Zero exp with Dumbles)!"
Well Speed, go ahead and get started as soon as you're able to. As you can probably tell, we all speculate a lot and experiment a lot with the "alledged" Dumble desings, but that's about it.  
I have personally never owned a single Dumble in my life -- not that I wouldn't have wanted to, but when I had a chance to have one built for me in 1995 the price was $5,000+ and I passed -- after that, H.A.D. never returned my calls/faxes any more, and of course now I would be glad to pay that much for one.  

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