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Re: Dumble Mod for BF Normal channel (layout drawing)

9/9/1999 6:19 AM
Gil Ayan
Re: Dumble Mod for BF Normal channel (layout drawing)
"Hello fellow "DUMBLE" fans:  
Gil has said something about an alternative to this defeat, so that there is not as much mud from the bass being so pressent. If Gil would like to share this, you might find it very useful, or maybe get creative and switch between the two, like some of the mods that Steve has done.  
just my 2 nonsense worth haha.  
Hey, no problem. My approach to the preamp boost is to disconnect the bottom of the treble pot from the pass pot. Period. :)  

Steve A. Re: Battle of the Boosts! -- 9/10/1999 8:48 AM