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Re: Modding Blues DeVille to a Hotrod Deville

8/29/1999 8:09 AM
Steve A.
Re: Modding Blues DeVille to a Hotrod Deville
    Glad to hear of a pro shop that takes the time to develop and implement mods for these "pcb nightmare amps" that everybody is making these days! I saved a copy of your post to disk and if its okay with you I'd like to add it to my site (right next to the schematic and layout drawing for this amp). Let me know if it's ok, and whether you'd like me to change your e-mail address or whatever (you can add in an ad for your shop if you'd like).  
    That mod to the presence circuit sounds interesting! Your idea may work well in other amps as well. (I'd probably add a switch to select between the stock pc and your modded control.)  
Steve Ahola